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Two horses

Jigsaw Muddle

Did you hear about the blonde that...

Blonde Detective

Dying Family

Two blondes in heaven

The Interview

Blonde Guts

Blonde Phone Call


Jokes For Blondes

Getting On The Bus

Indecent Exposure

mosquitos and blondes

Blonde and the Western

Leaving Early

Blonde Goes Shopping

To jump or not to jump

Bank Robbery

Angry Truck Driver


Secret Service Blonde

The Blonde Deputy

Out of Paper!

A Blonde For Ever

Even More Blonde Q and A

Sleeping Problems

just plain dumb

Drivers Licence

Knitting Blonde

once a blonde always a blonde

The Chair

Pregnancy Test

A Blonde Astronaut

3 Wishes

Blonde Cop

Jealous Revenge

Make it Off the Island

light blonde

Blonde Painting

Is This Jimmy Hoffa

Death in the Family

Blonde in a Circle

Blonde Detectives

Island Blondes

Blonde Kidnapper

Magic Mirror

Wrong Way

Alligator Shoes

Blonde paints the porch


Helicopter Lessons

Blonde Hijacker

Top 10 Blonde Inventions

Best Kept Secret

Blonde Selling Car

Blonde Kidnapping

Blonde Convention

Final Words

Lawyer And Blonde

Blonde Kidnapper

Nude Painting

santa and blondes

Your Breast is Loose

Indecent Exposure

Brain For Sale

Angry Blonde

A Blonde Got Robbed

The Heist

A Blonde At Sea!

Blonde on Flight

Following The Track

Bad Blonde Day

Electronics Shop



deserted island

Blonde No An Airplane

Football Blonde

Stairway To Heaven

Exposed Breast

One Eye


Car Crash

marry a blonde

Red Ears

Blondes Love Puzzles

Ice Hole

There Is No Fish There



Appliance Store

Blonde Swimmer

Our Stupid Apartments On Fire!

A Blonde With A Gun

The blonde with two


Buying Flowers

The Daily News

Island problems

the blonde & the cellphone

Head and Shoulders

The magic forest

the funniest blonde joke

Fighting Over 25c

Genie In A Bottle

jumping blonde

Blonde Father

cliff jump


Bowling Tournament

An Hour Fast


Fire Escape

Horsey Ride


Toilet Paper

Blonde In Trouble

Three Blonde Hunters

Bucking Blonde


21, 21, 21

Blonde Guts

Plane trip to New York

The Dark

blonde swimmer

Blonde And Chimps

Two Blondes Hunting

Diamond Ring

Dumb Blonde Crooks

Return the Dog


brainy blonde?

Urgent Message


Blonde Deodorant

Fishing License

Going to Jamaica

History Lesson

New prefix

Catching The Blonde

Burned Ears

How To Lose Weight

Copying Paper

Blonde Cashier


The Cliff And The Blondes.


Blonde Shoots Herself

Filing System

Emergency Kit

Blonde Crossing

Breathe Blonde

Ice Cubes

The Highway Blonde

Light Bulb 5

A Blonde and a Waitress

A Blonde Goes On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Beetle Experiment

Telephone Poles

Leaving Early

Stuck In The Hotel

Blind Man

Bad Pop Rocks

Applying For A Job

Blondes At The Lake

Blonde Coyote

A Blonde With A Problem

Safety First

Golf Lesson

Q and A

a blonde in a shop

Blonde and Pizza

Blonde in College

A Blonde Job Interview

Blonde paint job

Blone Kidnapping

Belly Button

The 100$ Dollar Bill


Death Row

Speeding Blonde

Blonde Hiking


Blonde In Jail

Blonde Lumberjack



Blonde Cook Book

How to Hug

Blonde Stewardess

Blonde Buckaroo

How does a blond turn on the light after sex

Only three doors