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Kindergarten Lecture


Curfew in Baghdad

hillary clinton

Come Again?

Three men are discussing Adam and Eve

Golden Urinal

Clintons At a Yankees Game

Who Slapped Clinton?

Presidential Bird

Before taking Bagdad by storm American soldiers are praying ...

President Acts God

Advanced Medicine

Republican Advice Bush

Dead Politicians


The Clinton Family

Clintons at a ball game

Is it true that under communism people could order food by p...

Cops Test

Donations To Bush

For My Country

So That Is Politics

Presidental Call

Bush vs. Osama

Bush In Heaven

Saddam Is History

Common Similarities

Bush And Gore Fishing

Avoiding The Vote

President Favor

Unusual Laws

Which is more useful, a Russian radio broadcast or a Russian...

Clintons on Vacation

Question: What is permitted and what is prohibited?

Land of OZ

Terrible Smell

Comparing Equipment

Bush Leadership Test

Politician And Sperms

Prostate Surgery

John Kerry Fan

Matzo Balls

A Democrat High In The Air

Dear Abby


Five Surgeons

Fairy Tale

Bush, Einstein and Picasso

Presidential Advice

Get Out Saddam!

Bush Jogging

The capitalism is exploitation of humans by humans

The first Russian election was held when God put Eve in fron...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A tragic fire on Monday destroyed the...

The Train Ride

Clocks In Heaven

Question: Why the symbol of the Republicans in the US is an ...

Proud terrorists fathers


Republican and Democrat

Brezhnev gathers Politburo [top council in the country] and ...

The Firing Squad

Political Trial

Tony Blair

Nativity Scene

"They are beastly shaking down our aircrafts when we are pea...

Condom Emergency

Democrats Vs. Republicans

A Dying Democrat

Republican In The Porch

Democratic Navigation

Shark Fishing

Arnold- the composer

Gorbachev sent some sausage overseas for analysis


mexican vs pizza

Artificial Intelligence

The Three Surgeons

The Village Idiot

Animal Bureaucrats

The Buttons

Brain Transplant

The Wizard Of OZ

During his visit to the USSR, Nixon was intrigued by a new t...

Vladimir Putin goes to bed one evening and Stalin appears to...

The company "Huggies" has won a tender to supply American so...

The USA blamed the Russian companies that they were supplyin...

What Is Politics?

A man is fishing when a submarine emerges right in front of him

Interesting Questions

Powerful Bush

Taliban TV Guide

God invited Nixon and Brezhnev to come talk to him in heaven

Yesterday George W

Clinton And The Genie

After the NATO has made with Yugoslavia, it is obliged to ma...

star wars