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Engineer In Hell


Surgical Patients


Eating Grass

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Space For Rent

Top Ten Dirty Lawyer Sayings


Blind Golfers

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Texas Justice

Money For Next Life

My Daddy Is A Lawyer

Blind Animals

A Kind Lawyer

Choices, Choices

12 Feet Deep

At The Pearly Gates

Generous Lawyer

Night At The Barn

Smartest Man in the World

10 Husbands, Still a Virgin


The Bunny and The Snake

Outwitting a Lawyer

Lawyer Funeral

Sending The Bill

A Lawyer Died

Generous lawyer

Memories From Court

Contract With The Devil

Dogs And Lawyers

Robbing Lawyers

Honest Lawyer

Murder Trial

His Happy Valentine

Taking It With You

An Honest Lawyer

Charitable Donation

Applicants For Mars Trip

Lawyer Marriage

Bribery 2

Bad Investment

Lying Lawyer

Lawyer In Hell

Taking It With You

A Worthwhile Burial

A Cruise

Lawyers Jury

Penny Pincher

Amulance Race


Popes And Lawyers

Lawyers Q&A

Lawyer Hater



Standing in Line

Legal Laughs

New Lawyer

Airplane Trouble

Crash Landing

Overcrowded Heaven

bad advice 2

Generous Lawyer


DNA Tests

Last Job

Blind Justice

Urgent Call

Best In The World

Profesional Advice

An Honest Mistake

A New York Lawyer

Lawyer At A Plane

Being Pregnant

buried in sand


No Need To Pay