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Disney Password

Online Too Long

Life Before the Computer

New Viruses on the loose!

One programmer tells another:

Is Windows a Virus

Microsoft VS. GM

The Less You Know, The More You Make

Heaven And Hell

Email Commandments

Great Writer

Computer Users

What is the difference between an amateur programmer and a ...

America Offline

Dear Agony Aunt

A programmer meets girls:

Job Interview

Computer Quotes

A gamer watches a triller: there is a woman walking in a dar...

Gates and Lightbulb

New AOL Messages

One programmer asks another one:

Two men - programmers walk along the street

A bell in the corporation, which is engaged in repairing com...

Statistics show that computer programmers under 30 name most...

Car Problem

After Russian hackers hacked the protection of the missile T...

Addicted to Internet Porn

"How will the keypad for Windows 2000 change?"

An internet user comes up to a caffe with a signboard "hambu...

The company " Proctor and Gamble " has issued new hygienic p...

An internet user comes to another one to celebrate his birthday

Y2k My Ass

10 reasons computers must be Males

Slots online for real money