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Going Out

Duck and Bartender

Little Johnny and Jenny

Legless Parrot

50 Fun Things To Do During An Exam

The Aliens

Ed Zachary Disease



Last Wish

Smart Diagnosis Machine

Surprise for Santa

The Brewery

Catching The Drunks

Smart Thinking

Things never to say to a cop

I Am Canadian

Nobody Job

Outsmart The Savages

Cold Chili

Right up your...


Gas Emissions

Use More...

Scottish Grave


Golden Anniversary

Violent Bartender

The Moral Of The Story

English Test

A Cheap Train-Ride

Wet Smokers

Are My Testicles Black?

Human Monkey

The Voodoo Dick!

Fleeing The Draft

A Day Off of Work

US Navy

Boom! Was that me!?

The Fairy On The Christmas Tree

CEO Envelopes

Grown-Up Words

A Definite Definition

Karate Dog

Electric Train

Soldier Ride

Speeding Ticket

Fresh From Jail


A Full Life

Pensioners Sex

There Is Nothing Like A Good Meal

Mafia Job

Dont step on a duck

The Risk of Being Adopted


The Dumb Brother

Hammer Anyone?

Mixed Family

15 Ways to be Annoying

Best Toast

Sex Is No Excuse!

Cold Water

Horse and Chicken

Geography Of Men & Women

A 12 inch ___

Elderly Ride

Bear Hunting

Letters To Landlords

Pretty Sick Man

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Bad News

Not Enough Bread

101 Ways To Annoy People

Bumper Srickers

Nursing Home

A Last Request

Bumper Sticker Sayings

Three Doctors

50 Fun Things In The Elevator

Grandpa Poem

Ohh Crap


Which Syndrome?

Annoy Your Stallmate



Perfect Employee


30 Million Dollars

Get Along

Mommy and Uncle Fred

K9 Unit

God To Destroy The World

Question #2

At The Pearly Gates

Good News And Bad News

Good Fence

How Do You Feel?

Red Shirt

Baseball In Heaven

Health Food

The Crow Story

Say To Telemarketers...

Health Inspection

A Definite Definition

Hearing Problems

Dog Fart



Like A Frog

Funny Bumper Stickers

Heaven is when you have...

Comprehending Engineers

Working In The Nude

A Nun In A Taxi

His First Passover Meal

Trying out of the police

Police- Finding A Rabbit

22 Things Not To Say To A Cop

Bet In A Bar

Unlucky day

Jackson- A Priest

Osama And Elvis?

Michael Jackson- Sex Problems

When Santa Gets Annoyed

Living Statues

Making The Forest Healthy

Letter from College

Tricky Students

Same Person?

Where I Come From

Quick Thinker

Things We Learnd From The Movies

IRS Genie

Halloween Costume

Psychology Trick

Britney Joke- Locked Car

Smart Hiding

Farting Problems

Christmas Gift

Michael Jackson- Boat Trip

Michael Jackson- Boyz2men

Michael Jackson- Santa

Spot The Dog

Said In Court

Say At Work

Space Pen

Drunk Man

Hot E-mail


30 Years Difference

Piss Off A Cop

Tit For Tat

What Do You Mean?

Funny Bumper Stickers

I Love You

Soliders Urges

Romantic Countries

In A Glass

Michael Jackson- Carrier Bag

Michael Jackson- Like A Nun

Michael Jackson- Happy Father

Michael Jackson- Nose Picker

Research Project


Trick-Or-Treating Is Better Than Sex

A Shy Patient

Dirty Advice

No Drunks Allowed

The Gambler

Keeping Pace

Alcohol Warnings

You Are So Dumb


Not cool anymore!

Fucked Duck

Brain Teaser

Raggedy Ann

Voodoo Dick

dopey&the pope


your so poor

Seasons Greetings

Superman & Wonderwoman

The Parrot and the Magician


Car Accident

Who is it

the duck and the crackers

Health Tips

10 Words

Italian Vacation

Arkansaw Drivers License Application

Arkansas Professional Engineering Exam




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