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Indian Ride

Kuweit Wedding

King Solomon Trial

Compare The Genders

Why do men die first

24 Hours Left

Naked Accident

Different Father

Cheating Boyfriend

Torah Scholar

Bad Language

First Timers

New ATM Procedures

Get Me The Manager

His And Hers Road Trip


Golf Funeral

Working Nuns

breathalyzer test

Stupid Wives

What Do I Look Like?

Explaining Sex

Wild Thinking

Penis Study

Deaf Sex

Unwanted Marrige

Great Female Comebacks

Accidental Meeting

Be Politically Correct With Women

Male Bashing

Toilet Paper

Sex On The Beach

Poor Old Lady

Winning The Lottery

Labor Pills

Orgasm Condition

3 Wishes

Firemen Sex

Virgin Brides

CIA Test

Superball Fever

Silver Jubilee

Pit Bull

To Feel Like A Woman


The Slanty Ryed Foreman

A Wish For Ex-Wife

3 women in a bar...

Male translations

Men are Like...

Oh My God...

Powder Viagra

Rigged Contest

Not So Dumb

Pick-up Lines

Caught In The Act

The Expert

Hot Potato

Mixed Up Words

Two Cannibals


Gathering Snails

Christmas Tatoo


If I Died...

da gay club

Rules Guys Wish Women Knew

Sex Problems

Party All Night

Olympic Condoms

Rough Day At The Bar

Chinese Couple

20 truths about men

No Luck With Women

Difference Between Man and Woman Showering

Welcome To Hell


Maths And Logic

Men Ruling

Not Hungry

Three Drunk Women

Serious Accident


Female Laws To Live By

Loving Wife

Pregnancy Question

3 wishes

Beer Contains Female Hormones

Fired Secretary

Two men fishing

One..Two..Three And..

Talking Too Much

Mother Nature

Lomesome Cowboy

The Rules

Better Than Pork

Birthday Present

Getting Weighed

Face-Lifting Death

He Said She Said

In The Hotel Lobby


Cover Story


Genie In A Bottle

NY Times Ad

20 Years Of Marrage

What Size?

Chastity Belt

Saber tooth tigar

Final Funeral?

Mr Right Application

Want A Divorce?

Looking Good

Facts of Life

Almost Midnight

Woman In The Men Bathroom

Wedding Deal

Errection Problems

College Rules

Woman Will Always Be

College Female Dorms

Old But Horny

The Earing

The Mule

Friend For Supper

paddys lawn

Impossible Story

On A Lonely Island


Bank Loan

Road To Success

Getting Stiffer

Standing In Lines

Guardian Angel

Sharing A Blanket

Magic Elevator

Honey Pie

Going Fishing

Good Friends

Bad Weather

Woman In The Shadows

Before It Starts

Naked On The Porch

$350 room


Phone Call

Coforting Words

Explaining Condoms

The Curse

Items For Prison

Double Vodkas

Burn Patient

Marriage Counselor

Paying For It

Tell The Difference

No More Headaches

Regular Inspection

Hearing Problems


Strong Pill

The French Pilot

Obscene Note

Access To Heaven

Birthday Presents

A Ride Home

The Pirate

Warm Welcome

Back To Life

Wedding Night

Cheek To Buttocks

Doing House-work

Mad Gorilla

Cancelled Trip

Not Your Business!

Bigger Breasts

Sweaty Husband

Birthday Gift

Take The Champagne!

Head Notice

Church Test

Lost Wife

Private Grief


I slept with your mother

Golf Course

Top Ten Places

Club Championship

3 Last Requests

Ireland Bar

You Look Terrible

Never Been With A Woman

Top Ten

Proud Fathers

Hot and Cold

Golf Funeral


Orange Aid

Men Are Like...