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Jesus is crucified, hanging on the cross up on a hill. Below the hill there is a crowd of onlookers, including St. Peter.

"Peter! Peter! I need to tell you something" Jesus cries.

So Peter, devoted to his Lord, breaks from the crowd towards the hill only to be stopped by a group of Roman soldiers, beat up and thrown back down.

"Peter! Please, I need to tell you something!" Jesus cries.

Again, full of faith and love for Christ, he runs up the hill and almost gets past the soldiers. But, he's caught, beat up again and tossed back into the crowd.

Finally, Jesus screams "Peter, I must tell you something. Please, come to me!"

Peter, sorrowed by his Lord's suffering, runs up the hill bloody and bruised and finally makes it past the soldiers. He kneels in front of Jesus: "Here I am my lord, your faithful servant. What is it that you need to tell me?"

Jesus smiles and says "Yo, I can see my house from up here."
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