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Hung Like An Elephant

Farmer and the Pretty Lady

Donkey Raffle

Ducks in Heaven

The Hunting Dog

Wittle Wabbit


Monkey Organization

A bear and a wolf are caught by police for alcohol intoxicat...

Clever Doggie


Cock A Doodly Doo!

A Koala and a Hooker

Gorilla Chase!

Farmer Joe and his Mule

Got a headache

Make My Horse Laugh

Chuckie Chicken

Dangerous Squirrels

Elephant and Man

Enchanted Rattlesnake

"How could I mistake that bad?" - a hedgehog was thinking ge...

Lion Tamer

Vampire bat

Dirty Birds

Dog Watch

Flying Turtle

Camel Questions

At The Circus

Goodbye To Mother

A crow crawls out of marijuana field

In a Zoo, a monkey in a cage was eating cherries

One rooster tells another

Misbehaving Guide Dog

Matador Special

Impressive Hunting Dog

The Mink Coat

The Slow Racehorse

Three fleas are coming out of a restaurant

A man calls a zoo shop:

Birdie Poem

Blonde Horses Around

Once a wolf and a stallion decided to fuck each other

20,000 Cockroaches

Counting Sheep

Fur Fortune

Bear on a Rampage

Meals on Wheels

Living with the Wolf Man

Frog, warts and all

The Other Side

Bear Hunt

Jesus and the Robber

Once upon a time there was a donkey who fucked everything th...

Idiot Chicken Farmer

An ad in a newspaper: "Sale of a bull terrier

Helping To Clean The Dishes

Bird vs Fly

A cat snapped a mouse, holds her in his claws and says to her:

The dog thinks: "This kind man takes care of me, feeds me, s...

Getting Excited at the Zoo

Calf Value

Dragging your feet

A hedgehog was walking in the forest

A dragon brings home food: coffins

A man bought a cat

Two mosquitoes are flying in the dark, suddenly one exclaims:


A baby worm wakes up in the morning

Two flowers: