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Duck and Bartender

Little Johnny and Jenny

50 Fun Things To Do During An Exam

Legless Parrot

The Aliens

Ed Zachary Disease



Smart Diagnosis Machine

Last Wish

Catching The Drunks

Use More...


Surprise for Santa

Are My Testicles Black?

A Cheap Train-Ride

Things never to say to a cop

CEO Envelopes

Scottish Grave

the duck and the crackers

Outsmart The Savages

Violent Bartender

US Navy


Right up your...

I Am Canadian

Cold Chili

Wet Smokers

Pensioners Sex

Smart Thinking

Golden Anniversary

English Test

The Moral Of The Story

The Fairy On The Christmas Tree

A Day Off of Work

Boom! Was that me!?

Nobody Job

The Voodoo Dick!

Gas Emissions

Human Monkey

Fleeing The Draft

The Brewery

Grown-Up Words

A Definite Definition

Karate Dog

Mad Cow- Restaurant order

Electric Train

Fresh From Jail

Speeding Ticket

A Full Life

Soldier Ride


Horse and Chicken

15 Ways to be Annoying

Mafia Job

Hammer Anyone?

The Risk of Being Adopted

Geography Of Men & Women

There Is Nothing Like A Good Meal


Mixed Family

Cold Water

Best Toast

Sex Is No Excuse!

Dont step on a duck

The Dumb Brother

A 12 inch ___

Bear Hunting

Elderly Ride

Letters To Landlords


Bad News

Pretty Sick Man

Not Enough Bread

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

101 Ways To Annoy People

the carburettor

top ten least popular self help books

Clocks In Heaven

IRS Clothes

10 commandments

51 Ways to Annoy Everybody

Feel Better

Blood Bath

Coffee Addiction

Trip To Chicago

Breaking and Entering

20 Ways To Annoy A Public Bathroom Stallmate

Been In College Too Long...

58 Newspaper Headlines

200 Midgets

50 Things to Do in a Mall

Never argue with kids

In Deep Shit

Talented Hypnotist

Memory Method

Job Interview

New Work Policies

Wailing Wall

The Taxi

Assassin Interview

Strange Will

Surgery Problems

Tough Mice

Rude Parrot

Seeing Dog

The Importance of Remembrance

Find the Way

Eyes All Over

Lethal Pool

Getting Off Drugs

A Week Back On Earth

Burned Ear

Crazy Blind-Dog

Amish Adventure

Bad Shape

Getting Old

Last Present

Naughty Whales

Playing Roulette

Sounds Of Silence

Canibal Family

Drunk Test

Genius Salesman

Lion tamer

Staying Alive

Vatican Debate

Suitable Clothes

Three Vampires

The Wall

Elderly Meal

Brave Hunters

New Parrot

Fish Heads

Spanish Dinner

Demand For A Raise

Twenty Penguins

Turned Wagon

Evil Brothers

Smell The Fork

Hospital Charts

Light Bulb

Working Construction

Welcome To Oz

The Pirate

New Home

Recognizing George

Forest Wishes

The Photographer

The Experiment

Duck Expert

Train Sit

10 Pints

12 Year Old Whisky

Annoying Alien

Post Office Job

Problematic Child

Camel Questions

New Farmer

Good Sale

A Day Off

Last Request

IRS Visit

Old Brake Up

Cannibals Meal

Nursing Home

Water For The Emir

Bad News


Sam The Man

The Blind Man

Technology Contest

Visit To Rome

Polish Paratrooper

New Son-In-Law

Vatican Debate

Welcome To Hell

The Miracle


Prayer Wanted

Wise-Guy Parrot

Winking Saler

The Gambler

Insulting Comment

Just A Push

Drunk Confession

Guiness Accident

GI Insurance

Contagious Virus

Two Envelopes

Olympic Ice-Skating

Olympic Village

Olympic Wrestlers

The Horse and Chicken

Caddy-Golder Dialogues

Licking Tiger

Better Be Careful!

Hearing Problems

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