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Hit Man

Dearest Wife

Crafty Mom

Impossible to Please

Things You Never Use

Condoms For Every Man

Ancient Chinese Torture

My Rules

What is a Headache

Anniversary Gift

Mother of Six!

Anniversary Trouble

Second Opinion

Money Talks!

Love Thy Husband

A Time of Weakness

Call me Bubba

Male assertiveness

Angry Wife

Slide Under The Table

Extra Office Work

Going Down French Style!

Respectfully Cheating

Slip of the tongue


Drinking, Gambling, and Golf

Golden Anniversary

The Raffle Ticket

You Caught My Eye

Social Security


He Said, She Said

Encyclopaedia Britannica

So Much Fun


Money Needed

Dress Shop Burglary

Exercise While Pregnant

Just Before I Die

Marriage Lessons

Memory Class

Cupid at Law