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Dying Preacher

The Pope vs. Moishe

Catholic Dictionary

Polly Want a WHAT?

Not Tonight

Pope Drive

Seventeenth Chapter


Jesus Tackles The Drug

A test for monks

The Vow

Improvements in Hell

Trial of the Nuns


Welcome At Church?

wheres god?

The Big Flood

Bulletin Bloopers

Holy Water

Where is your beard?

The Athiest

Bhagwan and the Lotto


Meeting the Pope

What Is A Million Years?

Heaven Clock

Sermon Sleep

You are not in the book

All The Same

Some Improvements in Hell

Sister, Got Milk?

No Cussing In Church

How Many Does It Take?

Just a Dumb Bird?

Standing At The Gates Of Heaven

The Lord Will Save Me

The Old Monk

Vows Of Silence

Biblical Bumper Stickers


Your Daughter is Pregnant

When I was Young

Holy Bread

Living Longer

Really Good Deed

The Guardian Angel Mistake

Rabbi In A Confession

The Taxi Driver

A Jewish Parrot

The Catholic Priest

Wish You a Merry...Chrismukah?

Deserted Islands

Church Sign Chuckles

The Carpenter Son


Sisters of Mercy

Priest In The Ocean

Imagine that


Jesus Is Watching

The Pope and Taco Bell

Knows To Pray

You know you are in a Texas church when

And God Created Woman

Beggars In Mexico

Priest Golfing

Chapter Eleven

Vow of Silence

God Takes a Vacation

Leaving The Convent

Jonah and the Whale

Biblical Love