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A soldier sends home a hand grenade

A soldier is being led to the place of his execution

- Who likes music? - asks a commander

Two cops are sitting in a cop car, a veteran and a rookie

A general inspects a military unit deep in the desert

A guy comes to the military enlistment office

Two army rules:

Several officers are shooting the crap:

A private is standing at an aquarium

Soldier Ivanov was ordered to peel a barrel of potatos

A recruit examines the food served to him in the batallion d...

The signal for the attack- three green whistles

At manoeuvres

A trooper asks a sergeant:

A commander announces:

The atomic bomb always plumps into the epicentre.

A platoon commander says to the troops

His career was glorious: from spermatozoon to Marshal.

General calls by phone to colonel at 03:00am:

A chic ocean liner cruises in the ocean waters

A general calls a colonel:

General in front of the line:

Question: Can a son of a General become a Marshal?