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An international competition for the title of the most manly...

Drunk and Arthritis

Beer Festival

A Round For The House

Presents for the Wife

Cheap Beer

2 Drunk Guys

5 Stages of Being Drunk

A Message For The Manager

Extremely Drunk

All Lawyers are Assholes

Stages of Drunkeness

A Chick With Long Legs

Alcoholic Side Effects

Deadbeat in a Bar

Can I Smell Something

Bar Chatup

All You Can Drink

Signs That You are Too Drunk

Evils of Liquor

What You Got

3 Shots of Whiskey

State Of The Art Watch

12 Year Old Scotch

A Really Bad Day

Bad News 2

Drinking Buddies

$1000 Competition

Finding The Car

I Thought You Were My Wife

Best Reasons to Allow Drinking on the Job

Best Friend

Proud Texan Father

Glad to be drunk

Selling the Wife

Celtic Mortality

Speech Impediment

The Buffalo Theory

A tourist asks the guide:

Death in the Family

"How did you celebrate Christmas?"

Deaf Men in a Bar

Dickens and the Martini

A drunk is taking a leak right on the street

Sotally Tober

Bar Joke

Vampires in a Bar

Question: What to do if beer interferes with the job?

Spent Paycheck

A Rainbow of Devotion

A Drinking Problem