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A husband writes his wife:

A man returns home in the early morning

A boss asks his secretary

"How has your latest altercation with your wife ended?" a ma...

A young man asks his girlfriend

- My wife always says to me, "Give me money, give me money

- How they call women who always know where is their husbands?

- Why did you escape from prison? - a policeman asks the fu...

A new device has been invented

An exam in the director faculty

One guy asks another:

Looking at his mother trying her new fur coat the little boy...

50th wedding anniversary in Armenia:

"My wife and I were happy for 20 years

Schwartzenegger is in bed with his lover

Three men are arguing: "When does life begin?"

The wife and her little son come back from a health resort

The husband and wife watch boxing on TV

A morning dialogue

"My dear, this guy is an orphan, furthermore he is lame

A soldier came back home from the army and found three kids ...

- Do you pray before meal?

"Dear" croaked a husband with an effort "I`m feeling uneasy

- What happened to your face, Masha?

A couple goes on vacation

- Mommy, was my dad a modest man when he was young?

Wife confesses at the bedside of her dying husband

A nasty rainy morning

The letter to TV company:

The telephone rings

Son comes to his father to tell him that he became a father

One lady is dying

A mermaid walked out of the sea carrying an infant

A man was in his apartment wearing only the slips

The husband returns home and sees his wife fucking with his ...

Two friends are talking:

Woman says to her husband who is going fishing

A man comes to a magician and asks: "Can you take away the m...

A girl came back home from the school and asked her grandmot...

I was happy only once - before I have met you.

- Honey, I want this fur-coat

A wife of a man has died

A man comes home early in the morning

A newly-wed couple is dining in

A wife quarells with a husband

Dear parents! Remember! Little children left without oversig...

A husband left for work

A just married couple after the durable and tiresome wedding...

Not all the wives doubt their husbands

A guy cries over a grave:

The wife scolds:

Question: What a husband should do if he sees his wife with ...

- To my regret I have to postpone my wedding with Vasily