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Medical Advancement

Good and Bad News

Curing a Cough


A Hot Day

Boy or Girl

Labour Pains

An American physician asked his Russian collegue:

Crazy Patients

Pretty Bad News

Mix Up at the Hospital

Stuttering Problem


Migraine Cure

Breast Enlargement

Bad News

Doctor: - Do you drink?

A Short Time to Live

Cremate Me

- Doctor! Which mushrooms can you eat?

A Mother at 65!

Arthritis is so cruel

Emergency doctor visit

Do You Have The Time

Psychiatric Hotline

"Why so gloomy, doctor?"

Surgeon while operating hears a cat miaowing under the table

Surgeon during the operation:

A nurse in hospital asks the patient with broken-down head:

A Brief History Of Medicine

Dentist Visit

A retarded girl is brought to a psychiatrist

Actual Medical Charts

An injured man is brought to ER


Actual Answer from a Medical Student

The Faith Healer

- Why stomatologists recommend WRIGLEY?

Doctors are talking:

Need Samples

Lethal Food

One physician comes to another:

An Orgasmic Problem

Before operation

A room in a clinic where the results of venereal decease tes...

- Have you ever met a man whose touch makes you tremble?

All Out of Anaesthetic

"WOW!" - said gynaecologist

Doctor talks to his patient after operation:

Mental Release

Phone call to the ambulance:

A nurse is rolling a bed in a long hospital doorway

A doctor and his helper with an axe are walking around the r...

In the hospital a nurse comes into a ward to see patients ea...