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Indian Ride

Kuweit Wedding

Compare The Genders

King Solomon Trial

Why do men die first

24 Hours Left

Naked Accident

Different Father

Torah Scholar

Bad Language

Cheating Boyfriend

First Timers

New ATM Procedures

His And Hers Road Trip


Get Me The Manager

Golf Funeral

Working Nuns

Stupid Wives

What Do I Look Like?

breathalyzer test

Explaining Sex

Wild Thinking

Deaf Sex

Penis Study

Unwanted Marrige

Great Female Comebacks

Accidental Meeting

Be Politically Correct With Women

Two Cannibals

Pick-up Lines

Male Bashing

Not So Dumb

Orgasm Condition

3 Wishes

Male translations

The Slanty Ryed Foreman

3 women in a bar...

The Expert

Oh My God...

A Wish For Ex-Wife

Rules Guys Wish Women Knew

Toilet Paper

Men are Like...

da gay club

Firemen Sex

Poor Old Lady

Labor Pills

Rigged Contest

Hot Potato

Gathering Snails

Sex On The Beach

Silver Jubilee

Virgin Brides

Caught In The Act

CIA Test

Superball Fever

To Feel Like A Woman

Christmas Tatoo

Winning The Lottery


Powder Viagra

If I Died...


Mixed Up Words

Pit Bull


Sex Problems

Party All Night

Olympic Condoms

Chinese Couple

20 truths about men

No Luck With Women

Rough Day At The Bar

Not Hungry

Difference Between Man and Woman Showering

Maths And Logic

Three Drunk Women

Welcome To Hell

Men Ruling


Serious Accident


Female Laws To Live By

NY Times Ad

Mother Nature

He Said She Said

Beer Contains Female Hormones

Pregnancy Question

The Rules


Getting Weighed

Talking Too Much

Last Request

Birthday Present

One..Two..Three And..

Cover Story

Fired Secretary

Face-Lifting Death

Genie In A Bottle

Better Than Pork

Lomesome Cowboy

Two men fishing

3 wishes

Loving Wife

20 Years Of Marrage


In The Hotel Lobby

Final Funeral?

Saber tooth tigar

Chastity Belt

What Size?

Looking Good

Mr Right Application

Facts of Life

Almost Midnight

Want A Divorce?

Errection Problems

College Rules

College Female Dorms

Wedding Deal

Woman In The Men Bathroom

Woman Will Always Be

Old But Horny

New Relationship Book


Nothing Works

Marriage Quotes By Men

Bad Luck

Great Job

mood ring

Nearly Fatal Clock

The Porcupine & The Porsche!

The Perfect Story

Her Age

Health Violation

Great Reasons To Be A Guy

Cosmetic Surgery

slack or not???

Efficiency Expert

Baby Hermaphrodite

Female Comebacks

Like a Woman




Coming Home Late


Anyone Here

Beer, eh

A Problem of Problems


Bad News, Good News, Great News

Be Politically Correct With Men

In A Lift


The Sins of Leroy

Counselling Genious


Working Together

Men Super Store

Shocked Old Ladies

Brown Balls

Dead Husbands

Affair With The Dentist

A glass of milk

True Love

Ugly Baby

The Interview

Last Request

Fresh Marriage Breakfest

Mortician In Shock

Beware Of Pregnant

Medical Orders

Fishing Experience

The Carburettor

Slow Driver

Bingo Winner

Blind Date

Saving Up

Firm It Up!

Fresh From Jail

Politically Correct Woman


The Angry Wife

Meeting The Parents



Four Animals

Top 10 Rejection Lines Given By Women

look up. plug ups.

Adam Mate


Car Shopping

Sweetheart Present

asian lesbian

The Dial

Vocabulary Lesson

Who Do You Think I Am?

Bubba had three daughters