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Associations Game


Balcony Report

Urinal Help

Train Ride

Closet Secrets

Nice Words!


I Know The Whole Truth

Who Said That?

Train Set

Whiskey Lesson

Bad Books

Mounted Cop

Is The Seal Broken?

Nudist Vacation

Peeing In Church

I won, is that because...

Black and White

Big People Words

Sunday Class

Dodging god

Plane Conversation

Potential And Reality

Hole In The Fence

Spoiled Mother

Starting To Swear

Shooting Accident

Grown-Up Words

Self-Made Man

Having A Puppy

Weird Names

Vovochka is watching his parents making love in the bedroom ...

The Whole Truth

A little kid asks an expecting woman:

Finding Danny

Funny Faces


Boy and girl are in the shower

A Period

Most Wanted


Santa Present

Dirty Name

What That Was

Productive Salesmanship

In the area of modern many-storeyed buildings

First we learn children to walk and to speak, after - to be ...


First part of our life is poisoned by our parents, second - ...

Children Books

Allo? - Hello. Is your Dad at home?

Too Young

What The Ribs Are For

Sex On Sunday

Little Johnny

Indian Names


What do you want for Xmas?

Frog Noise

At the Zoo with Dad

The son asks his dad:

Like a Peanut

What Is Sex?

Team Spirit

Christmas Ticket

Kill A Mouse

Making A Baby

- At your age, son, Napoleon was the best student in his class

Sonya came home from the kindergarten

Sensory Perception

Chidren are playing in the playground

Vovochka is watching his parents through a key hole for a lo...

A mother and the daughter are standing in front of the Venus...

What Is Sex?

Dirty Magazines

New Borns

"Vova, what are you going to become, when you grow up?"

A boy picks up the telephone

- How old is the little tyrant?

Fascinatedly a little boy watched his mum putting some face ...

Mother asks her son upon coming home:

In the hell devil-daddy returns home and devil-mommy says to...

Father asks his son:

A little boy came to a shop and asked shoe findings

"Daddy, do you keep in mind faces well?"

- How old are you?