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Vocabulary Lesson

One day a little boy went up to his father to get some help on his vocabulary homework. He had a hard time figuring out what theoritically and realistically meant. He went to his father and asked, "dad, what does theoritically and realistically mean?"
His father said, "well son, if you want to know, then this is how you'll find out...go up to your mom and ask her if she would sleep with a complete stranger for $500,000."

The boy looked puzzled and said, "but what does this have to do with it?" "don't worry about it, just go do it." his fahter said. So the boy ran upstairs and came running back down 2 minutes later saying "Dad, Mom said she would do it."
His Father said, "good, now go ask your sister the same question you asked your mother now." The boy became confused again. but...but, "Trust me son, just go ask her and come back." So the boy ran into his sisters bedroom and came back out to his father in a matter of a few seconds. "Dad, sissy said she would do too, but what does this have to do with what theoritically and realistically mean?"

His dad replied, "well son, theoritically I have 1,000,000 dollars and realistically we have two whores living in the house.
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