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Using banana-skin

A man comes to the doctor and says: "Doc, no matter what i do in bed i can't satisfy my wife".
So the doctor sends him to the old train-station, where he is to find a very well-built guy that can help him.

And so, the man goes there, finds the big guy and asks him for help.
The guy says: "No problem, sir. You see this banana-skin? Invite me to your house while you are having sex, and i will wave it at you and your wife during the whole time. I promise you that she will reach satisfaction in no time".

So, they head off to the man's house. When the woman opens the door, he asks her to go to bed, cause they are going to have some great sex. And so they begin, and the big man is waving the banana-skin. After 30 minutes, still the wife doesn't reach satisfaction.

"Give it to me, i will wave and you will have the sex", says the man angrily.

Ans so, he starts waving, and the big guy is having sex with the wife. After exactly two mintues, she reaches her peack.

"You see, you Idiot", says the man to the big-guy with rage, "this is how you are supposed to wave a banana!".
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