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Orange Aid

The doctor walked into the waiting room where a man had been waiting for several minutes. He said, "Hi. What seems to be the problem?"

The man replied, "I'm not sure, doc. There's something terribly wrong with my penis! Is turned bright orange!"

The doctor looked surprised and said, "Orange?? I've never heard of anything like that, and I've practiced medicine for 30 years! Let's have a look at it."

The man dropped his pants and showed the doctor his penis. Sure enough, it was bright orange, and the doctor gasped.

"Oh, my God!" he exclaimed. "I've never seen anything like this before! When did you first notice this?"

The man said, "About an hour ago."

The doctor said, "Can you think of anything you have done that could have caused this? What were you doing right before you noticed this?"

The man said, "Well, nothing, really. Just watching porno flicks and eating Cheetos."
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