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Horny Captain

As the plane began to descend towards the airport, the captain announced "ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking, we are now arriving at JFK airport. On behalf of the staff and crew, i'd like to thank all of you for flying with our airline. We hope you had a pleasant flight and we hope to fly with you again someday, have a safe journey home."

The captain forgot to turn off the intercom. He then turned to his co-pilot and said "damn bob, i really shouldn't have eaten that curry before we took off. When we land and i get to the hotel, im gonna take the biggest shit of my life. Oh, and you know that new air hostess, Jenny? Oh man, i'm gonna have sex with her so hard, did you see her in that uniform? Mmm hmm, those legs and those huge set of tits, she is one fine piece of ass, i can't wait to tap that!!" the pilots then laughed to themselves over the intercom.

Jenny, the new air hostess who was seeing to the passengers, turned red with embarrassment as she realised what had happened. She then darted towards the cock-pit but tripped over an old lady's walking stick and landed on her back.

The old lady looked down at her and said "no need to rush dear...he said he's going to take a crap first"
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