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The Sandwiches

There was an Englishman,an Irishman and Scotishman siting on the edge of a cliff having a picnic.The Scotishman says "Oh god i've got ham in my sarndwiches again, if i get ham tomorrow i'll jump off this cliff".
So the Englishman looks in his sandwiches and says "Oh i've got beef in my sandwiches again,if get beef again i'll jump with ya Scottishman."
So the Irishman looks in his sandwiches and says "Oh i've got bloody tuna in my sandwiches again,if i get tuna again i'll join you two guys".
So the next day they all meet at the cliff and check their sandwiches."Oh shit,"says the scottishman,"i've got ham!". So he jumps off the cliff.
"Oh bugger,"says the Englishman,"i've got beef again!".So he jumps off the cliff.
The Irishman looks in his sandwiches and says"Bollocks! i've got tuna again!". So he jumps off too.

At the funeral the wifes meet up crying. The English wife says"I only made him beef because i thought he liked it".
And the Scottish wife says"Same here only made ham because i thought he liked it".
Then the Irish wife says"Its not my fault he makes his own sandwiches!".
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