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A man walks up to three men sitting in a bar and says that he will bet them 100$ that he can place a Shot glass on their table and pee in it from across the room.
The gentlemen talk to each other and are all in agreement that this could not be done, so they take his bet.
The man then walks to the other end of the room and begins to pee. He does not even come close to the glass, he pees all over the bar, the table, and the men with whom he had made the bet. After he is finished he returns to the table where the three men are sitting, they are laughing and joking about how they toke this guy's 100$. They ask the man. "Why did you think you could pee in this glass from way over there?" The man replies, "I didn't, But I made a 500$ bet with the bartender that I could piss all over you guys, and all you would do is laugh about it."
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