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Matzo Balls

When Ariel Sharon came to Washington for meetings with George W. and
for a state dinner, Laura Bush decided to bring in a special Kosher chef
and offer a truly Jewish meal.

At the dinner that night, the first course served is matzo ball soup.

George W. looks at this and after learning what it is called, he
tells an aide that he can't eat such a gross and strange-looking brew. The
aide says that Mr. Sharon will be insulted if he doesn't at least
taste it.
Not wanting to cause any trouble (after all, he ate sheep's eye
in honor of Arab guests), George W. gingerly lowers his spoon into the
bowl and retrieves a piece of matzo ball and some broth. He hesitates,
then swallows.

A big grin appears on his face. He finds that he really likes it, so
he digs right in and finishes the whole bowl.

"That was delicious," Bush says to Sharon. "Do you Jews eat any other
part of the matzo, or just the balls?"
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