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While walking down the street, Dubya was struck by a large wheel of cheese that fell out of SwissAir flight 19.

Sadly. George does not make it and his soul arrives in heaven and he is met by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

"Welcome George!"...says St. Peter..."we seldom see Republicans here, so we're not sure what to do."

"No problem Pete, let me in I'm worthy"...says Dubya.

"I'd like to but I have orders from the Man Himself, he says you have to spend one day in hell then one day in heaven so you choose where you'll live for eternity."

"I've made up my mind, I want to be in heaven"...says Dubya.

"I'm sorry, but we have rules", St. Peter escorted him to an elevator and he goes down, down, down, all the way to hell.

The doors open, and he finds himself in the middle of a country club, it's 72 degrees, no oil shortage here!

There's a Texas-style barbecue with cloned cattle and genetically engineered corn.

Standing in the crowd are other Republicans who had helped him out
over the years.

Expensively dressed, Jerry Falwell, Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh, greet him, then they reminisce about getting rich at the expense of the poor and the liberals.

Soon, the devil approaches Bush, then says..."have a milk shake and relax, Dubya"

Dubya drinks the shake, and takes a liking to the devil, but it is now time to go.

Dubya got on the elevator then returns to heaven and St. Peter says..."now it's time to visit heaven."

So for 24 hours Bush hung out with a bunch of honest, good-natured animal rights activists, people who enjoy talking of family values instead of money and power.

"All these people are poor!"...Dubya thought to himself, "Pat Robertson never prepared me for this!"

St. Peter returned, then said..."so, you've spent a day in hell and a day in heaven, now you must choose."

The Jeopardy theme plays softly as Dubya reflects for a minute, then says..."I belong in hell with my friends."

So St. Peter put him on the elevator and he went down, down, down all the way to hell.

The doors of the elevator open, and he finds himself in the middle of this barren, scorched earth, covered with
leaking 55-gallon drums of toxic industrial waste, kinda like Gary, Indiana.

Horrified, Dubya sees his friends dressed in rags, and picking up the industrial waste with teaspoons.

Lucifer comes over to Dubya then puts an arm around his shoulder and
says..."thank you!"

"What happened?!"...says Dubya..."yesterday I had a
Texas barbecue, we had a wonderful time, now there's a wasteland and everybody seems miserable!"

The devil smiled, and explained..."see, yesterday I was I got your vote!"

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