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Get Out Saddam!

One evening Saddam decides to visit his most intelligent wife, opens the bedroom door, and finds her studying. "Ah," he says, "she must be studying for that history exam." So he strolls through the palace to the bedroom of the wife who is the best cook, opens the door, and sees her plucking this large bird. "In the name of Allah, get the kitchen staff to do that for you next time!" He then decides to go to the wife who is the best lover, opens her bedroom door, and is shocked to see instead 2 camels screwing. Furious, Saddam confronts the palace harem manager. "What is the meaning of this!" he shouts at the man. The manager replies, "Don't you see what your wives are telling you? Saddam, you're history you stupid turkey, and you better get on the first fucking camel out of town!"
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