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Holy Bread

A sales representative from a major chicken producer is sent on a mission to the Vatican.
He meets with the Pope: "Holy Father, my company would like to make a substantial
donation to the Holy Mother Church - but there's only one condition...."
"Yes, my son?"
"We'd like you to authorize changing the Lord's Prayer from "Give us this day our daily
bread to give us this day, our daily chicken."
"I don't know my Son. Tradition and all, you know."
"Well your Holiness, we are prepared to give you a Million dollars to do this."
"I don't know my Son. Tradition and all, you know."
So, the chicken man, hurries off for a quick phone call to his boss and he comes back.
"Your Worship, I am authorized to go up to one Billion dollars if you change "Give us this
day our daily bread, to give us this day our daily chicken."
The Pope shrugs with a smile and says, "Well, now, my Son, give me a call tomorrow."
Later that day the Pope has a big meeting with his Cardinals, Bishops, Priests
the whole Vatican family is there.
He says to them, "Boys, I gotta some a good news, and I gotta some a bad news...."
"The good news is that the Holy Mother Church has come into one Billion dollars!!"
"Boys, the bad news is that we have lost the Wonderbread account!"
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