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Forest Wishes

Bear and the rabbit were walking through the forest having an argument. They came across a genie who said they were each allowed three wishes. As the bear was bigger, the genie said he could have his wish first. The bear though about it and said I wish I had a 6 foot penis, which the genie did.

The genie turned to the rabbit and asked what he would like for his first wish, the rabbit said a motorbike helmet. This confused the bear and the genie but his wish was granted.

The rabbit promptly put the helmet on. The genie then turned to the bear and asked what he'd like for his second wish "I'd like all the female bears in the forest to meet me at 7 o'clock tonight. Going through his mind he was thinking "6 foot, loads of women, party!!"

Then the rabbit had his second wish - a motorbike. He sat on the motorbike with his helmet on. The genie then turned round and said "What would you like for your final wish Mr Bear". "All the bears in the forest to be female." His wish was granted. The bear was thinking "Serious party!!"

Finally the genie turned to the rabbit for his final wish. The rabbit replied "I WANT HIM TO BE GAY ", started the motorbike and pissed off.

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