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Blonde Lumberjack

A blonde travels to Canada to seek her
fortune as a lumberjack. She meets a
foreman of a logging organization who
offers to give her a job.

"Now, I hope you realize we expect you
to cut down at least 100 trees a day,"
the foreman told her.

The blonde woman didn't see this as a
problem, so she went out with the
Chainsaw and did her best. She came
back drenched in sweat.

"Geez lady, how many trees did you cut
down?" asked the foreman.
"6" she replied.
"What!? You have to do better than that.
Get up earlier tomorrow!"

So she did. Out she went with the
chainsaw, she came back that night

"How many this time?" asked the foreman.
"12" she said.
The foreman says, "That does it. I'm
coming out there with you tomorrow

The next morning, the foreman reaches
the first tree and says, "This is how
to cut down trees really quickly."
He pulls the rope on the chainsaw and
it gives off a loud BRRRRRRUUUMMM.

He notices the blonde is looking at him
frantically, so he asks her what's wrong.

And she replies, "What the hell is that
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