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Three guys parachute from a burning plane onto an island and are quickly caught by a bunch of canabals. The leader of the canabals says "I will spare your lives if you can complete 2 tasks for me otherwise we will eat you on the spot.

"The first task is to collect ten items of fruit or vegatables from anywhere on the island" So sure enough off they go in three different directions with canable escorts.

10 minutes later the first man returns carrying ten apples and the second task is layed before him

"You must push all 10 apples up your bum without making a single sound!" so with little choice the first man begins

.5 "OUCH" he shouts and sure enough he is torn limb from limb and eaten by the cannables.

5 minutes later after the meal the second man returns with 10 berrys and is given the second task. So off he goes...

Suddendly the second man burst into laughter and is torn limb from limb and eaten.

When the second man reaches heaven he is greated by the first man who is itching to ask him a question

"WHY OH WHY when you had such an easy task did you start laughing????"

to which the second man replies
"There i was inserting berrys up my bum thinking how easy it was when i looked up to see the other fella with a big grin on his face and 10 mellons in his arms!!!!"
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