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There's a traveling salesman driving one night in a horrible storm. His car breaks
down and he's out in the country. He walks to a house that didn't have any lights
on so he peaked in the window.

All of a sudden the woman wakes up and grabs her tit in one hand and the alarm
clock in the other and starts shaking them . A few seconds later her husband wakes
up and starts jacking off and pouring water on his head.

The salesman thought these people were crazy so he decided to find another house
to ask for help. When he arrived at the neighbors house, the salesman said "I'm sorry
to bother you, but I'm a traveling salesman, it's pouring down rain and my car broke
down. I stopped at your neighbors house but those people are crazy!"

" What do you mean?" the neighbor asked.

The salesman explained that he had peaked in the window and saw the woman wake
up, grab her tit in one hand and the alarm clock in the other and started shaking them,
and then her husband woke up and started jacking off and pouring water on his head.
"Those people are crazy!".

"No", the neighbor said, "they are both deaf and dumb."

"What do you mean?" the salesman asked.

The neighbor said, "She was telling her husband "get up it's time to milk the cows".
Her husband replied, "Fuck you, it's raining!"
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