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Wall Of Clocks

Once this girl named Mary died in a car crash and went up to heaven.

When she got there, there was an angel there.

Mary was dumbfounded when she turned around and saw a whole bunch of clocks.

Mary asked the angel why were there clocks on the wall. The angel said "Oh the clocks are for all the people that died and the clocks calculate all the sins that person made in his or hers lifetime.

So Mary asked where was Abraham Lincoln's? The angel said "Oh it's that one over there, the clock went only 2 times to the right cause he only sined 2 times."

"Where's Mother Teresa's?" Mary asked "Well that one is on your left, since she didn't sin, The clocked never moved."

"So where's Bill Clinton's clock?" Mary questioned. "Um...I think that one is in Jesus's Workshop. Because I mean ever since the Monica incident, the clock went haywire!"
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