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Small Head

A man is sitting in the bar when he notices another patron a few
stools away. The guy had a body like Charles Atlas but his head
was the size of a thimble.

The first man said, "Please excuse me for staring but I can't
help but be curious as to why your body is so well developed but
your head is so small." The man says, "Buy me a drink and I'll
tell you." The drink was bought and the story began.

"I was in the navy and my ship was sunk by a torpedo. I was the
only survivor and I managed to make it to a deserted island a
few miles away. I had been there for several months and was
sitting on the beach one day waiting for a bird or a fish to
come by, so I would have something to eat. Looking up I saw a
mermaid sunning on a nearby rock. She swam over to me and
informed me that she was a magical mermaid and could grant me 3

"Great, I'd like to be rescued." She slapped the water with her
tail and a ship appeared, sailing straight for my island.

Next I asked for a body like Charles Atlas. Another slap of her
tail and here it is.

Then noticing how beautiful she was and all my other wished
fulfilled I asked if I could make love to her. She said no, it
just wouldn't work, her being half fish and all, so I said
"Well, how about a little head then?"
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