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Bowerl Gota Move

An Indian Chief named Bowel recieved a letter telling him that he would have to move from his home,so he went to town to the bureau of Indian affairs.
once he was there, he mistakenly entered a Dr.s office.
when the Dr. came out he inquired as to what the problem might be.
the Chief replied "Bowel no move'.
the Dr. said "no problem, just take these pills and come back in a week"
A week passed and Bowel returned. The Dr. asked how things were, to which he replied, "Bowel still no move". the Dr. gave him more pills and told him to return in a week. The week passed and once more Bowel was at the Dr.s office again the Dr. inquired as to how things were. Bowel replied " Bowel gotta move, tee-pee fulla shit!"
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