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One day a big Indian Chief goes to his local pharmacy. He goes
up to the clerk and says, "Last night me fuckem squaw, left nut
go 'oomph', right nut go 'oomph', dick go 'oomph', condom go BOOM!"

Now the clerk was quite impressed by this sexual feat so he grabbed
some Trojans for professionals and tells the Chief to come back and
tell him how they work for him.

The next day, the big Chief comes back to the pharmacy, goes right
up to the clerk and gruffly says, "Last night me fuckem squaw, left
nut go 'oomph', right nut go 'oomph', dick go 'oomph', condom go BOOM!"

The clerk thinks to himself, "Damn, this guy must have some kind of super
ejaculation going on." So he goes into the back of the store and gets
a prototype condom for the Chief. The description on the box reads, "This
is a joint effort between Goodyear and Michelin. This condom is steel belted
and should only be used in extreme circumstances."

The clerk hands the condom to the Chief and tells him about the special
condoms, and to report back to him on how well they work for him.

The next day, the Chief comes back on crutches with a shotgun under his arm.
He storms up to the clerk. The clerk is thinking, "Oh Shit! The condom must
not have worked and he's really pissed."

The Chief looks at the clerk and yells, "Last night me fuckem squaw!! Left
nut go 'oomph', right nut go 'oomph', dick go 'oomph, condom go 'oomph, left
nut go 'BOOM'!"
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