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3 guys in a sauna

There are three guys in a sauna. All of a sudden there is a beep. so guy number one slaps his hand, and guy number two asks what that was. Guy one says he got his beeper implanted in his hand. He goes off and reurns his call. A little while later he comes back and hears a cell phone jingle, and guy number two puts his hand up to his ear and starts talking. Later, guy number three who was not to up to date on this new technology asks what that was about. Guy two said he got his cell phone implanted in his hand, because he kept losing it. Guy number two walks out of the sauna and says he has to get one up on theese guys. He returns to the sauna and has three feet of toilet paper hanging out of his butt. At the same time guy one and guy 2 ask what is that, so guy 3 says DON'T BOTHER ME I'M RECIEVING A FAX.
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