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dopey&the pope

the 7 dwarves were invited to an audience with the they all trooped to the vatican.the pope greeted them and the dwarves pushed dopey to the frontand said "go on dopey,ask him the question".dopey asked the pope "do they have any nuns in Alaska",the pope answered"of course dopey there are nuns in every state in america".the dwarves pushed dopey forward again ask him the other one.dopey says "do they have any black nuns in alaska",the pope thought about it and said"I suppose ther has to be in these racial equality times so yes.the dwarves pushed dopey forward again saying "dont forget the last question",dopey says "do they have any dwarf black nuns in alaska,the pope replied "now come on dopey now you are
taking the piss,NO NO NO" so the dwarves all chanted as one "DOPEY FUCKED A PENGUIN-- DOPEY FUCKED A PENGUIN.
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