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Clever man + clever woman = soft flirting

Clever man + clever woman = soft flirting.
Clever man + stupid woman = single mother.
Stupid man + clever woman = normal family.
Stupid man + stupid woman = mother-hero.
Clever chief + clever subordinate = profit.
Clever chief + stupid subordinate = productivity.
Stupid chief + clever subordinate = promotion.
Stupid chief + stupid subordinate = overtime work.
Man pays 2 bucks for a dollar-cost thing, which is necessary to him.
Woman pays one dollar for a two-dollar-cost thing, which is unnecessary to her.
Woman troubles about her future so long as she is not married.
Man never troubles about his future so long as he is not married.
Successfull man is that who earns more money, than his wife can spend.
Successfull woman is that who can find such man.
To be happy with a man, it is necessary to understand him and to love a little bit.
To be happy with a woman, it is necessary to love her and even not to try to understand her.
Woman marries with the hope, that the man will change, but he does not change.
Man marries with the hope, that the woman will not change, but she changes.
The woman has a final word in any dispute.
Any word told by the man after that, is the beginning of another dispute.
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